Painted Mountain - heirloom corn maize seeds

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Spectacular coloured cobs and edible!

We absolutely loved growing this maize for the first time last summer. The plants were huge, healthy and strong and grew lots of cobs.

Approx 25 seeds.


These tough plants were bred in the bitter cold mountains of Montana. They have impressive cold hardiness, earliness, drought tolerance, and they thrive at high altitudes.

Montana farmer Dave Christensen has dedicated his life to naturally breeding a corn that flourish in harsh conditions. Since the 1970s, he has sampled over 70 open-pollinated corn varieties to create Painted Mountain from heirlooms grown by northern Native American tribes over thousands of years and homesteaders from harsh northern climates.

Painted Mountain Corn can be eaten fresh, ground, or roasted, and it makes a highly nutritious flour for breads and tortillas.

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